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Jane Griffiths

Community Builder

Jane is the Community Builder, and she works within the Take Part Department at The Roses. Her role involves working with the residents of Tewkesbury to build a welcoming and inclusive community for all, but with particular regard for those residents with disabilities, Dementia or mental health problems. She is looking to find the strengths, energy and enthusiasms out there in the community, and link people together to create a strong and supportive network.

Having graduated with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, Jane worked in the advertising industry for 10 years and then took a career break to raise a family. Part-time work fitted in with the family, so Jane spent another 10 years working at a local Garden Centre, where she was able to indulge her passion for gardening. There followed six and a half years working as a Village Agent, during which she realised that working within the community was something she thoroughly enjoyed and was suited for, so when the opportunity to become a Community Builder arose, it seemed a natural progression, and a challenge that she is relishing

Jane lives in a small village outside Tewkesbury with her husband and two of their three boys, plus Paddy the rescued Welsh Collie and Smokey the rescued cat. Husband Pete was actually born in a flat in Barton Street, Tewkesbury, and his father was a head teacher and one-time Town Mayor, so there is a strong family link with the town. She likes gardening, knitting and watching her husband race classic motorbikes.

E-mail: communitybuilder@rosestheatre.org
Tel: 01684 853069

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