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Paul Johnson

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Paul is a Solicitor and Partner with Thomson and Bancks, a firm with offices in Pershore, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury.  Originally from East Yorkshire, he is married with two teenaged daughters and has lived in Woodmancote in the Tewkesbury Borough since 1988.  Professionally he is especially involved with litigation, employment and business law.  Paul has experience as a primary School Governor, Director of a neighbourhood Charity, and a Chamber of Trade.  He is currently the Chair of the Rotary Club of Pershore’s satellite club, known as the Twilight Club.  Paul is an amateur clarinet player and he created the role of Pershore Plum Charmer to support the Pershore Plum Festival, in connection to which he has been interviewed on television and radio.  Paul has a broad interest in the arts, live performance, drama, music and dance and believes in the integral value of Theatre to the success and well being of individuals, schools, communities and business.

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