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Young Person’s Review of I AM BEAST ‘10/10’



This was a story about grief. It was about a young girl that had an imaginary world in which she was a superhero and fights other super baddies. In the midst of doing this she lost her mother who was her sidekick in her super world. This has a massive impact on Ellie and she completely shuts herself off from the real world and spends more time in her imaginary world. Ellie also shuts out her Father and her friend. After the death of her mum, Ellie experiences grief which comes in the form of a small beast (a small puppet beast), and as time goes on Ellie starts to acknowledge the beast and lets him into her life and in doing so gives him control. In the show we get to see the beast pushing Ellie and telling her what to do. 

What did it mean to me

I thoroughly enjoyed this show as I really felt for Ellie. You get so engaged with her emotions and you can literally see her transitioning through them. This show clearly focuses on only one aspect of grief and that’s anger. I like how they did this because it meant that you weren’t getting confused with all the emotions. I also really liked the super hero world and it really made me laugh and brought some comedy to the situation. I also really really enjoyed the fact that the music was live as it really added to the atmosphere.

The actors in this show were beyond incredible and I think that they were amazing throughout the show. Even though they played a number of characters you were able to follow the story with such ease. I had goosebumps throughout and could relate to the emotions that she is going through. Even if you have never experienced grief before, I feel that you could still relate to it.

This was my first show and I thoroughy enjoyed it!!!! I would give it 10/10.

For tickets to I AM BEAST, or to register to watch online, click here, or call box office on 01684 295074.

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