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Young Person’s Review of I AM BEAST ‘10/10’

Description This was a story about grief. It was about...

28th Feb 2017

Distinguished Detectives

In the upcoming Youth Theatre production, The Dying Of A...

14th Jun 2016

Interview with Cate Cody - The Cate Cody Trio

1) At what age did you start singing? I can't...

18th May 2016

Interview with Robin Bigwood - The Harmonious Harpsichord

1) At what age did you first take up an...

28th Apr 2016

Interview with Patricio Guzmán, Director of The Pearl Button

American filmmaker Fred Wiseman interviews Patricio Guzmán, director of the profound...

20th Apr 2016

Interview with Will Pickvance - Anatomy of the Piano

1) What can the audience expect from Anatomy of the...

31st Mar 2016

Interview With Hannah Sanders

1) You grew up travelling Europe singing with your family...

22nd Mar 2016

It’s All Greek To Me

Mention the name ‘Lysistrata’ and those who listened at school...

23rd Feb 2016

Guest Blog: So, What Do You Do Then?

With Sarah Hawkins of Vamos Theatre I have been a...

14th Jan 2016

A Dream Turned To Reality

Well, here we are. After years in the planning, two...

22nd Oct 2015

Interview With Tim Fitzhigham From Flanders & Swann: At The Drop Of A Hippopotamus

1) Who does this show appeal to and what can...

20th Oct 2015

Interview With Persuasion Director Adrian Preater

1) In what ways does Persuasion stand out from other...

3rd Jun 2015