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Ballet Cymru’s Beauty And The Beast

Everyone has their own fond memories of the enchanting story...

6th Jun 2014

Tweaked Bow Ties

Crowd pleaser Rock ‘n’ Roll Paradise will raise the theatre’s...

2nd Jun 2014

Jacqui Dankworth Live At The Roses

We are very much looking forward to welcoming the imaginative,...

30th May 2014

Loosey Goosey

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School’s annual tour of their graduating...

15th May 2014

Fedoras And Feather Boas

For one night only on Sunday 18 May, we will...

13th May 2014

Set Sail For The Roses

Families who are looking for their next theatrical adventure need...

12th May 2014

One Wild Night

Amongst all of the Bon Jovi tribute bands circulating the...

12th May 2014

Disciplined Chaos

Hoping to set Tewkesbury alight with blazing acoustic virtuosity is...

8th May 2014

Two Harps That Beat As One

On Thursday 8 May, we will be host to an...

30th Apr 2014

The Truth Is Rarely Pure And Never Simple

Human beings are instinctual truth seekers, and, thanks to the...

30th Apr 2014

A Royal Invitation

On Friday 2nd May the prestigious Royal Caledonian Ball takes...

28th Apr 2014

Omid Djalili Sells Out The Roses

Stand up comedy here has always been a popular past...

23rd Apr 2014