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Autumn Brochure Release

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For any theatre, the autumn months are among the busiest and most vibrant in its calendar. The Roses is delighted to release its Autumn season brochure, which features events and films from September right through to 2019.

Drama features prominently in October, with Seabright productions bringing three very different pieces to the stage. Black Is The Color Of My Voice (Sat 13 Oct), written and performed by Apphia Campbell, is a musical drama based on the life of Nina Simone and has toured to critical acclaim in New York, Shanghai and Edinburgh Festival. The following day, Dad’s Army Radio Hour (Sun 14 Oct) celebrates Jimmy Perry and David Croft’s classic sitcom, with two actors playing 25 characters as they recreate classic episodes from original scripts. Finally, Not About Heroes (Tues 16 Oct) is another two-man play, this time telling the poignant story of the unique friendship between the celebrated World War poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon.

Comedy throughout the Autumn is also in plentiful supply, with appearances by Pam Ayres (Thur 4 Oct; sold out), Rob Newman (Fri 5 Oct), Chris Ramsey (Thur 18 Oct), Andy Hamilton (Sat 17 Nov), Jeremy Hardy (Wed 5 Dec) and Tom Allen (Tue 11 Dec).

Few things lift the spirit like listening to favourite music played live, and audiences will be hard pressed to choose between the huge variety on offer between now and the end of the year. From Gospel to folk rock, almost every genre is covered. Highlights include Stacey Kent (Sun 7 Oct), Genesis Connected (Fri 19 Oct), Opera Boys (Fri 2 Nov) and the Powerhouse Gospel Choir (Wed 12 Dec).

The season culminates with The Roses’ annual family pantomime, which this year is Dick Whittington. Produced by the same team as in the previous few years, audiences can expect the same level of high-octane entertainment. Dick Whittington opens on Saturday 1 December and runs through to Saturday 5 January.

Also included within the brochure are films, live screenings, exhibitions, workshops and a peek into 2019.

The brochure is available to view online here or to download here.

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