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Introducing Our First Honorary Patron

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We are delighted to introduce Paralympian Mel Nicholls as The Roses’ first Honorary Patron. Mel, from Tewkesbury, is a British Paralympic athlete and former middle distance wheelchair racer in the T34 classification, now concentrating on marathon racing and this week having been named as part of the Great Britain Cycling Team Paralympic programme squad for 2017. She competed in the 2012 and 2016 Summer Paralympics and won the Seville marathon and placed 8th in the London marathon this year.

The Roses has had a relationship with Mel for a number of years, and has long been inspired by her unfailingly positive outlook. Having got into disability sport after suffering the effects of three strokes, Mel felt isolated and detached from the world before finally finding sport. She then went on to become a successful Paralympian, proving that anything can be possible with determination and grit.

The Roses shares Mel’s views that being involved with many different activities including arts and entertainment is what makes us healthier and stronger in both mind and body.

Mel says: “I love where I live and feel a real community on the area, something that is vital for so many. I have had great local support and want to give what I can within our community. As individuals we can be strong, but together we can be stronger.”

Catherine Reese, Head of Development at The Roses, says: “It is fantastic that Mel has decided to come on board to support our cause. We feel that this partnership will help provide inspiration for people of all ages and capabilities to pursue their dreams, no matter what barriers they may face.”

The Roses recognise the value of community involvement demonstrated by the commitment to outreach projects in the community and by hosting a Community Builder supported by Barnwood Trust, a charitable foundation dedicated to creating the potential in Gloucestershire for disabled people and people with mental health problems to make the most of their lives.

All at The Roses are delighted to have Mel on board, and look forward to continuing a fruitful partnership with her.

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