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Our First Live Broadcast: Review

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The first ever broadcast from The Roses was made on Thursday 2 March 2017. This was a huge stepping stone for all involved and the theatre itself; we believe that we were and still are the first regional theatre to offer the service of live broadcast, something that is currently only utilised by venues such as the National Theatre and the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

From a technical perspective the show went fantastically smoothly, with few technical issues. We did identify a few compatibility issues with cameras at first but this was sorted quickly and efficiently. The support from Audux was immeasurable and greatly appreciated. The company themselves, Sparkle and Dark, were extremely accommodating during the rehearsal day whilst we set up and tested the equipment on Sunday 26 February and again on the show day.

“We loved the show. The stream was of a really high quality - much better than I had anticipated - and the gallery did a tremendous job cutting between the different camera angles. It did make me yearn to be in the auditorium watching the show live, but it was certainly a success for me and my son watching from the comfort of our sofa. Thank you for putting it on.” D.G. – Viewer

“We enjoyed the performance very much. To us, live transmission is an interesting medium. It permits different views (camera angles) to the benefit of the performances and allows close-ups. And it can provide good sound for us oldies with deficient hearing! We thought the transmitted presentation of I Am Beast was very good.” G.S. – Viewer

“I think the technology is great! The presentation was very atmospheric - with a real sense of a live event. I thought the filming was thoughtfully appropriate for the subject and the sound was excellent - I could hear perfectly well using only the iPad speakers. I do have a hearing problem and was slightly worried about the warning that earphones were advised, but it was unnecessary.” Viewer

Our online audience has given some very positive comments for the show and the live broadcast in terms of the quality of our stream and the story of the show with the vast majority saying it was a great piece of theatre. There were a few viewers who had issues watching the stream; we did identify compatibility issues with certain browsers. These are things that will be ironed out over time whilst we get to know the common faults. This then allows us to have the solution ready for any calls/emails asking for help.

We now look forward to being able to offer visiting companies the option to film their performance without streaming and then editing it into a promotional copy for them and us to use on the web. We have the capability to film a show at 4 different angles that can then be edited together. This is something we can offer as an extra package to them when they book in a date.

Overall we believe the live stream was a great success and we are as a theatre in a very key position to take this to the next level and be a pioneering theatre to other small and regional theatres. We have already been in communication with other regional theatres with regard to how we did it and what they need to enable them to be the next venue. This is not only a great achievement for the theatre but something that we are immensely proud of.

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