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Our Second Live Broadcast

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We are delighted to announce our second live broadcast. Following a successful pilot in March, which was supported by Arts Council England, the next event is now being planned for Thursday 8 June, when EDge, the postgraduate performance company of London Contemporary Dance School, appear in Tewkesbury.

The technology used by The Roses, the POBIT Live system created by Anglo-Danish technology company Audux, allows The Roses to film and broadcast into homes, schools and organisations anywhere in the world and through any mobile device or computer. This means that artistic content can be streamed to hard to reach audiences such as residential nursing homes and schools who may find it hard to physically attend. The technology also offers commercial possibilities, with several companies already interested in working with The Roses to stream their own events.

EDge was chosen as the second performance to be broadcast from The Roses both for its exciting artistic content, and because the company are keenly interested in exploring live streaming themselves. In EDge, thirteen dancers will perform pieces by four of the most innovative choreographers working in dance today. Each choreographer has their own distinct style, with influences as diverse as plant biology, touch, escape and the classical Indian dance form of Bharatanatyam.

EDge is committed to supporting dance development, through commissioning UK and international choreographic talent to create new work, alongside supporting established artists through its selected touring repertoire. The 2017 tour features a creative residency in Portugal and public performances in countries across Europe including Austria, Portugal Scotland and Wales, plus a series of three nights at home at The Place in London.

Caroline Lawrence, Head of Marketing at The Roses, says:

“We are extremely excited to have EDge on board with us as our partner for our second live broadcast. Their enthusiasm for the project was heartwarming and neither of us can wait to work together to make the event another success.”

For details of how to get involved and watch the live broadcast of EDge, click here. Tickets to the event are also available online or via Box Office on 01684 295074, priced from £7.50 - £15.50. The performance and broadcast will be followed by a live Q&A with some of the dancers.

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