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The Roses Remembers

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With the centenary of the armistice just around the corner, The Roses’ resident knitting group, K2Togs, have taken inspiration from the many poppy displays that have already been created across the country and created their own yarn tribute to honour the fallen of Tewkesbury district.

Caroline Lawrence, from The Roses, said: “When the knitters approached me this year to ask if they could make a display (as they do every year, usually for our pantomime), I mentioned that it might be nice to have a few poppies. I couldn’t have imagined just how many they would make, so realised we had a great opportunity to show them off in the most dramatic way we could!”

The group has formed the hundreds of hand-knitted poppies into a breathtaking display, with many extra volunteers giving their time to stitch them all together. The display will be formally unveiled in the Theatre on Friday 5 October at 11am.

The Roses’ programme also gives a nod to the armistice this autumn with Stephen Macdonald’s Fringe First winning play Not About Heroes appearing at the venue on Tuesday 16 October. The two-man play tells the story of the unique friendship between celebrated World War One poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon, who met at Craiglockhart Hospital in 1917, and bonded over a mutual hatred of war and love of poetry.

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