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200 Club

The 200 Club is an independent lottery run by and for The Roses. 

For £24 a year members are entered into a monthly draw to win prizes of £100, £25 or a pair of tickets.

Previous winners are:

February 2019 Winners
1st (£100): Angie Hinds
2nd (£25): Ali Brown
3rd (tickets): Richard & Hilary Barton

January 2019 Winners
1st (£100): Gail Boulton           
2nd (£25): Wendy Spence
3rd (tickets): Mike Booth

December 2018 Winners (Double Draw)
1st (£100): Pamela Clarke & Frieda Griffiths           
2nd (£25): Margaret and Peter Jones & Mary Burnell 
3rd (tickets): Janet Ashplant & Julianne Jameson

November 2018 Winners
1st (£100): Sally Riches            
2nd (£25): Marion Roope
3rd (tickets): Doreen Walker

October 2018 Winners
1st (£100): Joan Danter
2nd (£25): Carol Taylor
3rd (tickets): Dorothy Tomlin

September 2018 Winners
1st (£100): Ann Hitchings
2nd (£25): Iris Hillier
3rd (tickets): Lorraine Berry

August 2018 Winners
1st (£100): Susan Tartaglia
2nd (£25): Olive Seers
3rd (tickets): Annie Thornley

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