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Supporting The Roses is vital if we are to ensure that we are able to continue life changing work in the community.

In addition to the programme of events that take place within our auditorium, we are proud that we work with, and enrich people’s lives via the  projects that we deliver in the community. Many of which take place behind the scenes. As a result of these projects, people feel happier, are more confident, have higher self esteem, and feel better connected. We give people the chance to see things differently and to better understand the world in which they live. We use the arts to change people’s lives

We deliver 5361 participatory sessions each year to young people. Projects include weekly youth dance and youth theatre sessions (Some places are funded to enable people on restricted income to participate); Future Film Makers, working with children at risk of exclusion; Your Future, activities for young people who have witnessed domestic violence; Hatch, for young people keen to develop skills in administration; Autism Awareness, working with children with special needs through accessible workshops and many more.

We deliver 892 participatory sessions each year for people with additional needs. Projects include relaxed film screenings which give an opportunity to those living with dementia to enjoy a social activity together.  Sensory Friendly film screenings for carers of children with special needs; Subtitled screenings, for people with impaired hearing and Audio Described screenings, for the visually impaired

We offer 200 participatory sessions each year to people experiencing domestic violence through creative arts workshops for women who have been signposted to the programme. We also work with perpetrators of domestic violence, that focus on developing team skills which they can then employ back in the home environment.

We deliver 107 participatory workshop sessions each year through ticketed craft events sessions which include basket weaving, tapestry, clay potting, cupcake decoration, and many more and we host K2togs a free knitting circle for all members of the community

None of this work is funded, the income is generated through ticket sales. We work hard to fundraise for every penny required to deliver these projects, and it is people like you, who are reading this page who can really make a significant difference.

In addition, we are proud to operate under a ‘You’re Welcome policy’ that ensures that we do not discriminate against anyone. In fact, we have always championed the fact that our arts venue can bring people together.  With the training that our staff have received, some of which has been specialised, we are able to welcome all members of society into our building, whether they are vulnerable adults or those who face challenges entering the building, we will support them and look after their needs.

Between 2016 and 2018, The Roses will be working with The Barnwood Trust to further develop the welcome that the theatre offers. We will be working closely with the Community Builder based at The Roses to support individuals and groups that use the theatre.  We also advocate for people who may have mental health issues or communication difficulties, considering our signage needs and intuitive navigability of the space, all with a view of making sure that everyone and anyone who engages with us, is able to feel as at home as possible.

Thank you so much, in advance, for your generosity.

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