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The Roses’ 10x2 Campaign

The Roses, which is an independent charity, no longer receives any funding.

In order that we can continue to offer a huge variety of live events, an affordable cinema and a home for our many community groups, we now ask for your support.  

We are asking for 2,000 people to give us just £10 each.

Will you be one of them?

Please also consider becoming a Friend or Patron of The Roses - a fantastic and affordable way to support the theatre, with many benefits on offer in return.

Why Are We Asking For Help?

In early 2017 we were told we had been granted Arts Council England (ACE) funding for the 2018-22 period. This amounted to £85k a year. A year ago, with no warning we, along with two other organisations, were told the funding was being withdrawn – just days before the new financial year. ACE granted us transition funding to see us through until the end of 2018, giving us time to plan for 2019 onwards. We have carefully budgeted for the shortfall and it’s important to stress that the fact that we have lost £85k does not mean we are £85k in debt.
We felt as a team that we should be open and honest about our situation.

The idea behind the 10x2 campaign is to ask everyone for just a few pounds, rather than ask any one individual to commit lots – people power is an amazing force and we strongly believe our community will get behind us.

As well as the 10x2 campaign we are holding collections after every show and film, as well as actively trying to recruit new Friends. Later in the year (in May) we’ll be relaunching our monthly lottery. These different strategies mean that everyone has the opportunity to give as little or as much as they feel comfortable with.

Longer term strategies are in place too, of course. Several trusts help with core funding, and we are developing relationships with businesses, many of whom also regularly donate large sums of money. We are also exploring alternative revenue streams.

Like all arts venues, times are tough. We have healthy ticket sales and are incredibly well supported - we know how lucky we are in that respect. But with up to 80% of ticket revenue going to the visiting company, we must fundraise alongside the activities we promote on our stage - we simply cannot survive on ticket sales alone and this is the case for all theatres, not just us.

It’s our intention that you will continue to enjoy The Roses for many, many years to come - but we can’t do it alone.

Thank You

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