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Our Three Wishes Campaign

Do you want to join us in making a difference to culture in Tewkesbury and beyond? The Roses will go through some hugely positive changes in 2020; we are installing comfier seats, launching a children's theatre festival and bringing you a 'Feel Good' season.

But, to make a really big impact, we need your help. As part of our pantomime, Aladdin, we sharing our Three Wishes that will transform how we support the whole community to get access to culture and creativity.

Whether you can give a few pounds or make a significant contribution to our goal of £17,000, every penny counts. By granting us our Three Wishes you'll be helping build a sustainable and exciting future for The Roses and giving young people a chance to experience the enriching experience of live performance and art.

Wish One
For the last 3 years our Youth Theatre has had no budget to put on its annual main show. Next year we want to change that and give our young people the chance to experience The Roses' stage in all its glory. We are also looking to support 5 bursary places for children from families in the low income bracket. 
Amount needed: £5,000

Wish Two
New lights! Some of our lights are from the 1980s and we need a massive upgrade that will give us much better infrastructure for our artists and make an enormous 85% saving on electricity, making us far more sustainable. 
Amount needed: £5,000

Wish Three
Next year we are doing a huge push to engage younger audiences and introduce a new generation to theatre and live entertainment. We would like this to include a complete overhaul of our website, signage and digital marketing. This will be developed in collaboration with young people across the town and create a £5 ticket access scheme for under 25s. 
Amount needed: £7,000

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