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Project Update: Findings from a recent evaluation of its first year support the continued roll-out of the project. For the full article, CLICK HERE.

The Roses is the lead organisation on this unique, countywide project.

Your Future is an innovative cross art-form programme for children, young people and parents experiencing domestic violence.  At the core is an art on referral programme designed to encourage and inspire all participants to create their own future by opening and developing their creativity. Participants take part in a 20 week supported cross arts project for adult victims and their children that ends with a showing of work created.

Small groups of identified participants (female adults and their children) will have been referred onto the project and work with inspiring and innovative artists, supported by health service professionals to explore the issues that they are currently facing.

Your Future takes place around the county, hosted and coordinated by a number of partner organisations, with The Roses both delivering its own programme and acting as the support for the whole project.

An additional strand to the Your Future project has seen a number of one stop shops popping up about the county which help and advise both victims and people with concerns about domestic violence and domestic abuse. 

These one stop shops provide trained professionals who are able to help with a number of issues surrounding domestic abuse and domestic violence, including the law and legislation, housing advice, protection advice and the help services available. People are able to talk to the staff on hand about the incidents that they may be experiencing, or about the concerns they may have, and are able to take information away which will help them know what to do next.

Testomony from a participant

How far have I come!!!!!!, I was having a rough time sorting out mediation with him. Having girl time helped me speak everything through, sharing experiences. It helped me not panic about upcoming assessments. Half way through the project it was suddenly ok to talk about personal experiences, I was free to be able to do that.  "this is what I'm going, through any suggestions?" I was able to talk openly, not be judged criticised, or looked down upon. In turn it helps you to move on, helped with oodles of confidence.
That came with the art, not a lot of us were naturally talented, and yet, looking at our slowly changing pieces, I thought, actually yeah I can do this.  The poetry day cracked the ice, she [the teacher] was amazing, priceless, made me think I'm not useless, I can do this. After that session our group changed, the confidence in the group changed from that point.

 I've now Gone to work, "why didn't I get one [a job] before?" I  never had anything for myself, I was suddenly able to sit with people, talk to people, the ladies [in the sessions] were there to say, "why don't you go for it, what's stopping you?"

I'm known for me now, not their mum,  I had the confidence to go for a job that I have no qualifications in. At the interview I couldn't believe myself. Me, a single parent, "take me on?" My personality sold it, they took me, not what my cv said."

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