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Exposure - Interview With Photographers

We had a chat with some of the photographers showcasing their work at Exposure, a photography exhibition exploring a wide range of subject matters, to find out more about what inspires them, their dream photography projects and their plans for the future.  

Describe your work in 3 words:

Thomas Burgess: Shocking, Intriguing, Eye-opening.

Rose Bradbury: Intimate, Vibrant, Adventurous

Gabrielle Wheatley: Quirky, Expressive, Imaginative.

Alice Nightingale: Natural, Pure, Experimental.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Thomas Burgess: Inspiration for my work comes from many different places but because I am quite a nerd at heart I always find inspiration from Television, Books and Video games.

Rose Bradbury: What inspires me is reflecting in a photograph some kind of story, searching for this in a face or a place is interesting, and feels so fulfilling once I’ve found it.

Gabrielle Wheatley:  I find inspiration from all sorts of different media which can include literature, films and other photographers. I also find music a big inspiration.

Alice Nightingale: Researching photographers and artists inspires me a lot, but when I take a photograph that I believe is good it inspires me to carry on and to push myself to do better.

Who is your favourite photographer and why? 

Thomas Burgess: My favourite Photographer and the one who inspired my images that are part of this exhibition is Frit Liedtke. The specific project that inspired me was his ‘Skeletons in the Closet’ shoot which depicted photographs of people who had overcome anorexia or were suffering from the disorder.

Rose Bradbury: Sebastiao Salgado - I really like the way his Photograph’s capture people, and the documentary-type structure to his projects. My favourite publication of Salgado’s is ‘Genesis’, where he photographs people and communities and shows how they live in accordance with nature and wildlife, whilst upholding the traditions of their ancestors. This body of work is conceived as a potential path to humanity’s rediscovery of itself in nature. 

Gabrielle Wheatley: Kirsty Mitchell, I love how extravagant her images are.

Alice Nightingale:  Fritz Liedtke - I did a project on him where he photographed women who had freckles and emphasised them as they were seen as an imperfection. Two of my photographs are influenced by this photographer.

If you could photograph anyone in the world who would it be?

Thomas Burgess: I would love to photograph actresses such as Felicia Day.

Rose Bradbury: I really enjoy portraiture, so I would love to photograph some of my favourite actors/actresses – Ryan Gosling or Jennifer Aniston.

Gabrielle Wheatley: Cara Delevingne.

Alice Nightingale: Emma Watson?

What would be your dream photography project? 

Thomas Burgess: My dream photography project would be to do something related to comic book heroes or something equally as geeky.

Rose Bradbury: After having the opportunity to photograph the incredible Jain temple in Ranakpur, India, I would love to go to Nepal and explore Buddhist architecture attempting to capture the lives of the Monks that inhabit it.

Gabrielle Wheatley: I’d love to do a big fantasy project, inspired by the Hobbit and the Game of Thrones. I’d love to create a magical world of my own in my photography.

Alice Nightingale: To photograph around India. Mainly because I love the culture, the vibrant colours, the extremes in their living conditions, famous buildings and the animals there.

What’s next for you? 

Thomas Burgess: I am currently an intern at the Roses Theatre but I am looking to do a games design course at the local college next year. I am going to keep photography as a hobby building my personal portfolio in my own time.

Rose Bradbury: I am continuing to photograph and develop my portfolio which can be viewed online here. I have photographed several local weddings and am continuing to develop my expertise in this area. My long term goal is to be a Travel Photographer, ideally for Lonely Planet or National Geographic!

Gabrielle Wheatley: After I finish sixth form, I intend to take a gap year where I wish to create a portfolio of works for my photography and make-up.

Alice Nightingale: I am focusing on still life; I will be photographing objects such as shoes, books, jewellery etc. And then I will be focusing on how objects are very valuable to people and why. I want to create a vintage/experimental with techniques. I am also going to link this to my fine art and sculpture which will all be in an exhibition this summer.  

See the work of these talented photographers for yourself between Monday 17 – Monday 24 February. The exhibition is open during theatre opening hours and entry is free.

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