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Young Peoples Internships

The arts world in an extremely competitive environment to launch a career in, and for some young people, taking an internship is the best way to gain the experience needed to get your first foot on the ladder.

We customise our internships for young people in accordance to what your aims and ambitions are, and together we develop a programme which enables you to achieve your goals, supporting you all the way through your steep learning curve. Previous interns at The Roses have been successful with their applications to work in the arts, and some lucky people have secured jobs at The Roses.

Case Study
Nicolas Watts started his internship at The Roses in July. He was interested in the programming and planning of classical concerts. His internship saw him plan and create a classical concert at The Roses as part of our three day music festival T-Fest and he also used these skills to help coordinate a short film showcase as part of the same festival.

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