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About The Roses

The Roses is a busy and popular arts centre in Tewkesbury with an eclectic programme of live events, take part activities, exhibitions and festivals. In addition to the 370 seat auditorium, The Roses boasts a relaxing bar and coffee shop where you can enjoy a pre-show and interval drinks as well as live entertainment including jazz and folk music and stand up comedy. Complete with an exciting film programme of world, independent and UK film, The Roses is a diverse and exciting arts venue.

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission
We aspire to be an outward looking, innovative and inclusive centre for the arts, offering a diverse creative experience of the highest quality for our communities.

Our Artistic Policy
We believe that artistic experience can change lives.  It provides a space in which we can see, listen, engage and understand.  It also gives us the joy of sheer entertainment!  Through this experience our lives are immeasurably enriched. We believe that our relationship with our audiences and participants starts at the youngest of ages and should be a relationship for life.

Our Vision
Our vision is the creation of a vibrant cultural destination venue, open all day through to evening, offering a variety of different activities; a busy building showing films, delivering workshops, offering food and drink right through the day; available for meeting hire, conferences, wi-fi enabled, and a place to meet and converse for coffees and lunches.

Our Beliefs And Values
Welcoming audiences and participants of all ages from across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and beyond, we believe in an arts centre that is accessible to all. We value diverse creative experiences that are enjoyed in an atmosphere that is welcoming and supportive. We are particularly renowned for our friendly and open approach from our staff and volunteers

Our Aims

  • All aspects of the artistic programme strive for excellence
  • The artistic programme integrates live performing arts, film, live screenings and participatory arts. There is within the programme a huge diverse range of artistic experience available both in the building and through outreach projects in other settings
  • Elements of the programme aim to take artistic risk, through the programming of new companies, specialised film, new work or emerging art forms
  • The programme balances both popular and innovative arts, providing sheer entertainment and inventive, groundbreaking work
  • The theatre seeks to be a centre of excellence for arts training and learning, including social and emotional development
  • The programme is sensitive to the particular needs of target audiences and contains a diverse range of work aimed at those particular needs
  • The programme values the participatory experience equally with the audience experience
  • The theatre recognises the importance of the artist and seeks to develop relationships with artists at local, regional and national level
  • The programme is responsive to the views of customers and current artistic trends
  • The programme seeks to introduce people to the arts, acting as a gateway for new cultural experience
  • The theatre seeks to work collaboratively and in partnership
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