About Aftersun

On a 90’s package holiday, 11-year-old Sophie spends some quality time with her divorced father.

With both of them struggling with the challenges life throws at them, this holiday provides a turning point in their relationship. A pair a superb performance from an Oscar and BAFTA nominated Paul Mescal and impressive newcomer Frankie Corio, an insightful script and deft direction make for a quietly captivating story of reflection and self-discovery.

Director: Charlotte Wells
Paul Mescal, Frankie Corio, Celia Rowlson-Hall

The studio has a capacity of 20, so it's advisable to book to avoid disappointment.

5 Stars

This mesmeric debut will make you want to stay suspended in its sun-baked setting with its two captivating lead characters for far longer than the runtime. A triumph of new British filmmaking


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