About EO

One of the most beautiful and beguiling films you will see this year, EO invites us to see the human world through the melancholic eyes of a cute carrot loving donkey.

Separated from a happy life in a circus and his loving owner Kasandra, EO gets passed from person to person on an enforced odyssey across Poland and Italy, including a petting zoo, a football mascot and a salami factory, experiencing the best and worst of human nature as he goes.

Loosely updating Robert Bresson’s world cinema classic Au Hasard Balthazar (playing in our studio on Saturday 4 March), this lyrical and often humorous film brought to the screen with striking imagery, a dream like soundscape and some superb animal acting.

Dir: Jerzy Skolimowski
Cast: Sandra Drzymalska, Tomasz Organek, Mateusz Kosciukiewicz, Isabelle Huppert

In Polish, English, French, Italian with subtitles

4 Stars

Bizarre, beautiful, moving and playful, this is an oddity to cherish, with depths that only reveal themselves – entirely aptly – on the hoof

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