About La Chimera

Josh O’Connor and Isabella Rossellini star in this ethereal drama set in 1980’s rural Italy.

Arthur, a vagabond-type character, is mourning the loss of his love. A local ragtag group of graverobbers make use of his archaeological skills to find ancient tombs filled with artefacts, but Arthur uses the digs to search for a door to the afterlife, of which myths speak, where he imagines reuniting with her.

Acclaimed director Alice Rohrwacher’s (Happy as Lazzaro) latest film stirs together history, romance and archaeology – with a dash of the supernatural – into a dreamy tonic made for those ready to slip into another realm.

Director: Alice Rohrwacher
Josh O'Connor, Isabella Rossellini, Carol Duarte, Vincenzo Nemolato

In Italian with subtitles

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4 Stars

Enigmatic, absorbing and so much more alive than any pottery behind glass in a museum, this is an exquisitely crafted, grown-up Indiana Jones steeped in its own distinctive magic


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