About Sing For Breath

A community singing group using songs & singing for breathing and lung health benefits.

Sing for Breath is a monthly singing group that meets to explore the benefits of singing and singing exercises for breathing and lung health. This group has a focus on warming up and breathing exercises in order to gain information and practise in beneficial breathing approaches for those experiencing lung Heath and breathing considerations. All songs are sung acapella (without music) and the pace of this group is steady and gentle (whilst still having fun). We sing shorter songs, allowing participants to gradually extend their out breath and start to experience an easier in breath. Over the course of the year the song lengths are gradually increased as participants gain more experience and practise using both the breathing exercises, vocal exercises and singing the songs. Although the group uses exercises and songs to help with health considerations, our focus is still on singing the songs and to have an enjoyable time in the process.

This group is for you if:

  • You’d like to learn more about breathing techniques.
  • You’d like to gently exercise your lungs and breath using songs and singing.
  • You’ve been recommended to attend by your GP, nurse or healthcare professional.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with an obstructive or restrictive lung condition, e.g. COPD, asthma.
  • You’d like to sing more but are experiencing challenges due to lung health considerations.

Second Tuesday of the Month, 2-3.15pm Singing, 3.15 – 4pm Coffee & Chat

Dates & Times