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The Roses Remembers

With the centenary of the armistice just around the corner,...

27th Sep 2018

The National Lottery Cinema Day

Play Lotto for a free cinema ticket The British Film...

10th Sep 2018

Autumn Brochure Release

For any theatre, the autumn months are among the busiest...

16th Aug 2018

Meet the director of inspiring drama Edie, starring Sheila Hancock

The Roses is pleased to announce that film director Simon...

6th Jun 2018

Sponsors Confirmed for Bestselling Pantomime in The Roses’ History

We are delighted to announce that local family owned estate...

17th May 2018

Behind The Scenes: Live Screenings at The Roses

If you’ve ever watched a Live Screening at The Roses,...

12th Mar 2018

The Roses Seeks New Board Members

We are recruiting for new people to join our Board...

28th Feb 2018

Oscars at The Roses

On Sunday 4 March, the most prestigious award ceremony in...

24th Jan 2018

Golden Globe Winners & BAFTA Nominees at The Roses

The Golden Globe winners have been announced and the BAFTA...

15th Jan 2018

New Films on Sale in February & March

We are delighted to announce some exciting new additions to...

22nd Dec 2017

News from the London Film Festival

This year's London Film Festival hosted gala premières of several...

20th Oct 2017

Shared Ambition

The Roses has been selected to take part in an...

29th Jun 2017