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Aquatots Confirm Sponsorship of The Roses Theatre Nappy Mondays Programme

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We are delighted to announce that local swimming company Aquatots has confirmed their sponsorship of the theatre’s popular Nappy Mondays film screenings.

Through this exciting partnership, Aquatots will work together with The Roses to reach into the community, meet prospective parents, and further the scope of their brand. From the printed brochure, which hits over 10,000 doormats each season, to our website and thriving social media channels, Aquatots will enjoy a strong presence on all Nappy Mondays advertisements throughout the year. 

Established in 1998 by current Managing Director Fiona Munt-Whittle, Aquatots now has over 175 classes across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. Alongside her highly qualified team, Fiona delivers unique swimming courses aimed at improving the confidence of parents, the bond between the family and the physical development of the babies.

Fiona’s passion for supporting new parents and carers finds an ideal companion with The Roses Nappy Mondays screenings, which offer those with young babies the opportunity to watch the latest blockbusters in a welcoming and supportive space. The theatre is entirely accessible, with a buggy park, changing space and bottle warming facility, allowing a carefree experience for the audience and their little ones.

Both The Roses Theatre and Aquatots look forward to working together throughout the year, driving their businesses forward whilst supporting their local communities.

Those looking for more information on Nappy Mondays screenings can find the latest screenings by clicking here.

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