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Bookworm Supports The Roses

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We are delighted to have received a generous donation of £1000 from Tewkesbury High Street shop Bookworm, which is run by current Town Mayor Karen Brennan, to be put towards the creation of a new inclusive dance offer at the theatre.

We have been working with Gloucestershire based organisation Gdance to look at how best we can deliver a new dance programme that offers something different to existing dance schools in Tewkesbury.

As a result of the generous donation a series of taster sessions will now be planned at the theatre for the summer term. We hope that these sessions, which will be free, will encourage a range of children and young people with different abilities into the theatre. The hope is that this will allow The Roses to build a group of young people to start a new inclusive dance programme meeting regularly at the theatre from September onwards.

The dance programme will be complimented and/or led by Nicola Miles –Wildin, an artist of international repute, probably best known for playing Miranda in the Paralympics Opening Ceremony.

Jacqui Grange, Take Part Director at The Roses, says:

“We’d like to thank Bookworm for their generous support, and we look forward to being able to invite Karen and her colleagues to see some of the outcomes of the work we can now plan as a result of this donation. We believe this support will make a real difference to our work”.

L-R: Catherine Reese and Sharon Casey of The Roses accepting a cheque from Karen Brennan and Ruth Parker of Bookworm.

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