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Half A Million!

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We are thrilled to announce that we have broken through the half way barrier of our Capital Campaign and have now raised over half a million pounds towards the redevelopment, thanks to additional funding from The Summerfield Charitable Trust.

The excitement surrounding our redevelopment is constantly building as the plans gradually get closer to fruition. This recent grant of £75,000 is a huge step towards ensuring the modernisation of the highly esteemed community arts centre is as rewarding for you and your experience at the theatre as it can possibly be.

The redevelopment will enable you to meet your friends in a bigger, brighter and more inviting foyer space where you can enjoy a coffee in the new downstairs coffee bar. Or, you could head upstairs in the new lift to the kitchen and cafe bar and treat yourselves to a pre-show snack made from local produce. Plus, you'll finally be able to relax in comfort as the heating system is improved and the toilets are completely overhauled.

Whilst we are almost three quarters of the way to reaching our £800,000 target, we have no intention of slowing down our fundraising endeavours and are still hugely appreciative of the contributions we are constantly receiving from you. The theatre simply could not survive without the support and generosity we receive from the local community and beyond, and we have garnered a staggering response to the campaign so far.

Your support can change the face of The Roses and secure the next 40 years for the thousands of audience members, including children, families and grandparents, who flock through the doors every single year.

Those wishing to donate to the campaign or to hear more information should call box office on 01684 295074.

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