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Latest Update from The Roses

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The Roses is now closed to both calls and emails following the directive made by the Prime Minister on 23rd March 2020 to lockdown the UK for 3 weeks.

Unfortunately, we are limited by what we can do offsite. Please bear with us during this difficult time – we are working closely with our partners to get more clarity on show dates and are continuously updating the website as shows are moved.

Over the coming weeks we will ensure all customers are contacted regarding ticket options, including the opportunity to donate the value of your ticket to support our survival through this crisis. The Roses is a charity with over two thirds of our income coming from our audiences, so the impact of this closure is devastating to us.
Your support is now more important than ever and we are asking everyone to do what they can to help.

Ways you can do this are:

  • Becoming a Friend or Patron – you’ll enjoy great benefits and access at the Roses, as well as know your directly supporting your community. You can do that here
  • Make a donation – any size of gift is appreciated. You can do that here
  • Increasing your level of support if you are already a Friend or Patron

Please be patient and do not phone Box Office. We are making contact with hundreds of customers as fast as we can. If you have bought a ticket for a show over the next few months we promise you will hear from us eventually.

Warm wishes and good health
The Roses Team

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