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The Milestone School Project

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Over the last few months The Roses has been working with The Milestone School, Gloucester on an educational project at the theatre. Each week pupils have come to The Roses to work on a project aimed at developing communication through performance.

Using theatre games, exercises, image work, mask work and improvisation exploring choices and consequences of actions, the project has acted as a powerful and effective vehicle for inviting individuals to examine their own behaviour and as a catalyst for promoting personal development and change.
Active therapeutic exercises help to build group cohesion and raise discussion around issues relevant to the student group. Workshop games explore how to facilitate the creation of frozen images and simple role play is used to examine thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Opportunities in the sessions are used to create rapport building including: basic questioning techniques, encouraging participation and working with resistance.
It enables students to explore and broaden their understanding of an issue relevant to their lives and their experience, bring their own knowledge and opinions to the process and develop skills of communication, negotiation and compromise.

The project concludes on Thursday 11 July when all of the students involved will take to The Roses’ stage to deliver their performance. 

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