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The Roses announces partnership with YourScreen

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As we are forced to close our doors once more, we're delighted to bring you news that The Roses are partnering with YourScreen to bring a fantastic programme of world cinema - most of it new to the UK and not available on other streaming platforms - into your living room.

By choosing to get your world cinema fix via YourScreen, you will also be supporting The Roses as we get a share of every ticket sold using our promo code ROSESYS.

How it works

  • Head over to YourScreen and browse the current season. New films are being added on a weekly basis, and are generally available for around a month. 
  • Films can be purchased ahead of the Available date listed
  • When you're ready to buy your ticket(s), click the Watch button.
  • You will need to open an account with YourScreen the first time you Watch a film, your browser will remember your details after that.
  • Enter the code ROSESYS and watch the price magically change!
  • Enjoy the film. You can watch on a TV using Chromecast on an Apple TV compatible Smart TV
  • Tell your friends!
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