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The Roses to host BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions?

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The Roses in Tewkesbury is delighted to have been chosen as a host venue for BBC Radio 4’s popular Any Questions?, which celebrated 70 years on the air in 2018. This occasion will mark the first time a live radio broadcast has been transmitted from The Roses and will take place on Friday 22 February.  

Any Questions? is broadcast live on Radio 4 on most Friday evenings of the year following the 8pm news. The programme is repeated on Saturday lunchtimes at 1.10pm, and is followed at 2pm by the Any Answers? phone-in which gives listeners a chance to join in the debate.

The programme travels throughout the United Kingdom, and occasionally to Europe, at the invitation of local organisations. The audience submits questions on the day of the broadcast and these are then sifted by the producer who selects ten questions across a range of subjects. Normally, four to six of them are included in the actual broadcast. One of the stringent and unchanging rules of Any Questions? is that the panel never sees the questions in advance; the panellists hear them for the first time at the same moment the audience in the hall and at home does.

Tickets to Any Questions? are free of charge and are available from The Roses’ Box Office in person or on 01684 295074 from Tuesday 29 January. Tickets are capped at 2 per person to ensure fairness of distribution.

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