Our Fundraising Policy

The Roses is a registered charity and every year the staff and our supporters work hard to raise funds to enable the venue to produce its diverse programme.

The charity needs to generate around £1.4million to deliver and grow all areas of its work. Approximately £1m comes from earned income from ticket and retail sales. Fundraising is essential to raising the remaining amount.

The Roses receives no ongoing government, council or core funding so raising money from Trusts and Foundations, partnerships, and donations are essential for The Roses to survive and thrive.

A donation supports the everything we do and the future of the Roses. If you have donated, sponsored us or volunteered, thank you. Every donation is crucial to the Roses now and in the future.

Our policy is to treat every donation with respect.

  • We promise that every donation will go towards what you ask it to go towards
  • To keep our fundraising costs low so your money reaches where it has most impact
  • To ensure we will make the most of your money by using giftaid and other government schemes
  • Never to bombard you with requests for donations
  • Never to pass your details on to other parties and to strictly follow GDPR laws