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Our 200 Club is a monthly lottery where 200 supporters of The Roses (or multiples thereof) join for an upfront payment of £24 (equivalent to £2 per month), each then being entered into a monthly draw to win one of three prizes.

Apart from helping to raise much needed funds for The Roses during what are always quieter summer months, our 200 Club will offer members the realistic odds of 200:1 to win the first prize of £100 every month. There is a second prize of £25 every month and a third prize of 2 free tickets to a choice of events at The Roses. 

Entries are now closed for the 2019/20 200 Club

Previous winners are:

May 2019 Winners
1st: Barbara Rathbone 
2nd: Iris Hillier
3rd: Jack Usher

April 2019 Winners
1st: Gerald Sirrel
2nd: Robin Cam
3rd: Hazel Locke

March 2019 Winners
1st: Shirley Grant
2nd: Jean Mansfield
3rd: Margaret Bailey

February 2019 Winners
1st (£100): Angie Hinds
2nd (£25): Ali Brown
3rd (tickets): Richard & Hilary Barton

January 2019 Winners
1st (£100): Gail Boulton           
2nd (£25): Wendy Spence
3rd (tickets): Mike Booth

December 2018 Winners (Double Draw)
1st (£100): Pamela Clarke & Frieda Griffiths           
2nd (£25): Margaret and Peter Jones & Mary Burnell 
3rd (tickets): Janet Ashplant & Julianne Jameson

November 2018 Winners
1st (£100): Sally Riches            
2nd (£25): Marion Roope
3rd (tickets): Doreen Walker

October 2018 Winners
1st (£100): Joan Danter
2nd (£25): Carol Taylor
3rd (tickets): Dorothy Tomlin

September 2018 Winners
1st (£100): Ann Hitchings
2nd (£25): Iris Hillier
3rd (tickets): Lorraine Berry

August 2018 Winners
1st (£100): Susan Tartaglia
2nd (£25): Olive Seers
3rd (tickets): Annie Thornley


  • For an upfront cost of £24, members will be automatically allocated a voucher with a numbered code.
  • Numbers will be automatically allocated once payment has cleared. 
  • A draw will be made on the first working day of every month from August 2019, with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.
  • The prizes will total 31% of the annual income, paid out monthly.
  • The 200 Club is a private lottery and is open to all supporters of The Roses.
  • Winnings will be distributed within one week of the draw. If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into The Roses’ funds after six months.
  • The 200 Club is run by the The Roses Theatre. In case of any dispute the decision of the senior management team is final.
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