About Us

The Roses has been home to a world of possibilities since it first bloomed in 1975.

Today we stand tall as a thriving destination for entertainment — a fun, eclectic and thought-provoking mix of live theatre, music and cinema for all to enjoy. Our doors are always open, and there’s a comfortable seat and a friendly welcome for everyone that spends time with us.

Our reputation for providing a home away from home is what sets us apart. Everything we do is geared towards creating an easy, relaxing, and generous environment for our audiences to enjoy.

We are rooted in our community. We invite, excite and nurture through an evolving programme of events, activities and festivals. We give people access to a colourful spectrum of entertainment and culture right on their doorstep, encouraging active participation at every opportunity.

The Roses is a place to be entertained; to create and innovate; to learn, grow and flourish; and to be together. All of this allows us to deliver an experience that sparks joy and create memories that last.