List of Events

  1. Music Entertainment

    That'll Be The Day

  2. Drama Community

    Acting Up!

  3. A group of older people sit, clapping, in front of floating bubbles

    Sing 2 Remember

  4. Cinema

    A Haunting in Venice

  5. Cinema Studio


  6. Event Cinema Opera

    The Royal Opera: L'Elisir d'Amore

  7. An image of numbered bingo balls


  8. A pile of brightly coloured dice

    Board Game Meet Up

  9. Brightly coloured flowers are arranged to look like musical notes on a stave of green twines
    Music Community

    Sing For Breath

  10. Community Entertainment

    Quiz Night

  11. A cluster of brightly coloured crocheted Easter eggs


  12. Cinema Studio

    And Then Come The Nightjars

  13. Dance

    Unknown Realms

  14. Music Entertainment

    Lost In Music

  15. A child makes a frame with brightly painted hands and peers through

    Infinite Creativity Club

  16. Music

    The Roy Orbison Story

  17. Dance

    Chill Dance Academy

  18. Cinema

    Lord of the Flies... Revisited

  19. Community Entertainment

    One Size Fits All: Open Mic Night

  20. Drama Entertainment

    The Makings of a Murderer

  21. Cinema

    Bolan's Shoes

  22. Music Entertainment

    Down For The Count: A Century Of Swing

  23. The cast of Bumper Blyton pose in costume, against a plain background
    Comedy Entertainment

    Bumper Blyton

  24. Community Dance

    The Heat Showcase