List of Events

  1. Three middle aged men play guitars on stage

    UK Pink Floyd Experience

  2. An image of the Cloudbusting band on stage

    Cloudbusting - The Music of Kate Bush

  3. The four members of Banter
    Music in Eric's Bar Music


  4. Cinema Music

    Heathers: The Musical

  5. Brightly coloured flowers are arranged to look like musical notes on a stave of green twines
    Music Community

    Sing For Breath

  6. Member of dire streets playing instruments on stage

    Dire Streets

  7. A choir singing on stage
    Music Community

    The Roses' Choir

  8. The cast of the "Ultimate Classic Rock Show" take a curtain call on stage

    The Ultimate Classic Rock Show

  9. Performers impersonating Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton stand singing on stage together

    Country Superstars – Dolly Parton and Friends

  10. Two of the cast of "Walk Right Back" singing into microphones and playing guitar

    Walk Right Back

  11. Music in Eric's Bar Music Folk Music

    Sarah McQuaid

  12. Music Entertainment

    The Big Local Night Out

  13. An image of Rick Wakeman leaning on a piano
    Music Entertainment

    The 'Other' Coronation Concert

  14. Music

    The Carpenters: Voice of the Heart

  15. Music Folk Music

    Show of Hands and Michael Wood

  16. Cast members dressed in 60s clothing on stage performing in the show "Twist & Shout"

    Twist & Shout

  17. A composite image of the members of the band Outfit Groove playing their instruments
    Music in Eric's Bar Music

    Outfit Groove

  18. Cast members on stage performing in the show "McCartney"

    The McCartney Songbook

  19. All members of Arrival singing


  20. The fve members of the band stand in a line looking directly at the camera

    A Foreigner's Journey

  21. Liz Simmons
    Music in Eric's Bar Folk Music

    Liz Simmons

  22. Music Entertainment

    80's Mania

  23. Music in Eric's Bar Music

    Lindsay Martin & The Nouvelle House Band

  24. The cast of the show "Totally tina" are dancing on stage under bright lights

    Totally Tina!