About our events

With thanks to a very generous donation, a used server has replaced the one The Roses projector, bringing cinema at the venue temporarily back to life, just in time for The Oscars. But it’s uncertain how long the projector and the interim server will survive.

To read more about our situation and how you could help click here: Donation Powers Interim Cinema at The Roses

List of Events

  1. Cinema

    Mean Girls

  2. Cinema

    All of Us Strangers

  3. Cinema

    The Color Purple

  4. Cinema Studio


  5. Cinema Studio

    Driving Madeleine

  6. Cinema Studio

    Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

  7. Cinema Studio

    Your Fat Friend

  8. Cinema Studio

    Driving Mum

  9. Cinema

    Zone of Interest

  10. A vintage film projector against a dark background

    Best Picture Oscar Winner

  11. Cinema Studio

    Four Daughters

  12. Cinema

    American Fiction

  13. Cinema

    The Taste Of Things

  14. Cinema Family


  15. Cinema

    Bob Marley: One Love

  16. Cinema Family

    The Jungle Bunch World Tour

  17. Cinema

    Madame Web