The Roses' vibrant live, cinema and community programme would not exist without the support of our donors.

Every year we need to raise £230,000 alongside the income we earn from ticket and food and drink sales to ensure we thrive.

This is because even if the Roses sold out every show it put on (as we regularly do thanks to our wonderful audience) it would not be able to make a profit. 70-80% of our ticket income goes directly to producers, artists and film distributors, meaning The Roses only keeps 20%. This would be okay if we had 600+ seats, as that’s the "gold standard” needed to make a performance venue money. With only 370 seats this means it’s not possible for us to cover the business expenditure with ticket sales alone.

As a charity, fundraising is an essential part of our business model, and that means every donation directly contributes to our impactful activities and in retaining the incredible community resource the venue provides for over 100,000 people in the area.

Whether it's £2 or £2000, every donation matters.