List of Events

  1. Drama Comedy

    Crimes On Centre Court

  2. A woman wearing a costume made of recycled plastics holding a glass lantern
    Family Dance

    Plastic Paradiso

  3. A person upside down on one hand

    Plastic Paradiso Workshop

  4. Music Comedy

    The Big Local Night Out

  5. Music Entertainment

    The Ultimate Boy Band Party Show

  6. A full body image of Marti Pellow
    Music Entertainment

    Marti Pellow

  7. Music Community

    The Roses' Choir

  8. Music in Eric's Bar Music

    Swing From Paris

  9. Event Cinema Drama Dance

    The Royal Ballet: Don Quixote

  10. Drama Youth

    Shakespeare Schools Festival

  11. Family Dance

    The Nutcracker

  12. Community Entertainment

    Get Creative Showcase

  13. Five fabulous drag artists sing on stage
    Music Dance Entertainment

    Queenz - The Show With Balls!

  14. A wide angled view of The Roses' choir on stage
    Music Community

    The Roses' Choir Carol Concert

  15. Wide angle temporary artwork for The Roses' pantomime, Beauty and the Beast
    Family Pantomime

    Beauty And The Beast

  16. An illustration of a mystical castle
    Pantomime Entertainment

    Beauty And The Beast: ADULT ONLY

  17. A watercolour artwork of father Christmas falling of the roof and landing in a brass instrument

    Tewkesbury Town Band Christmas Concert

  18. A wide angle portrait of Orchestra Pro Anima standing in a line in a grand ballroom, holding their instruments

    Orchestra Pro Anima at Berkeley Castle

  19. Event Cinema Drama Dance

    The Royal Ballet: The Nutcracker

  20. Comedy

    Ed Byrne: Tragedy Plus Time

  21. The four band members sit in a line, on stage, playing their respective instruments
    Music Folk Music

    The Albion Christmas Band

  22. Music

    Moscow Drug Club

  23. Music Entertainment

    The King’s Voice – Gordon Hendricks As Elvis

  24. Music

    The Take That Experience