List of Events

  1. Cinema

    Shazam! Fury of the Gods

  2. Cinema

    Cocaine Bear

  3. Cinema


  4. Brightly coloured flowers are arranged to look like musical notes on a stave of green twines
    Music Community

    Sing For Breath

  5. Cinema Studio


  6. Community Entertainment

    Quiz Night

  7. A bright photo montage of the cast of Rapunzel in costume
    Family Pantomime


  8. Cinema

    Creed III

  9. Cinema


  10. Member of dire streets playing instruments on stage

    Dire Streets

  11. A cloudy sky with an image of an ornate clock besides the moon
    Event Cinema Dance

    The Royal Ballet: Cinderella

  12. Cinema

    God’s Creatures

  13. Cinema


  14. A choir singing on stage
    Music Community

    The Roses' Choir

  15. Actors and actresses play a modern lyrical performance of a show on the stage
    Drama Youth

    Roses Young Creatives: Company (Ages 16-25)

  16. Cinema


  17. A group of primary aged boys and girls learn choreography in a studio
    Drama Youth

    Roses Young Creatives: Juniors (Ages 5-8)

  18. A side view of a group of primary aged children standing in a line smiling and singing
    Drama Youth

    Roses Young Creatives: Intermediates (Ages 9-12)

  19. A small group of young teens rehearse a play
    Drama Youth

    Roses Young Creatives: Seniors (Ages 13-16)

  20. Cinema Studio


  21. Cinema

    Rye Lane

  22. Davis Tennant sat cross legged on the floor
    Event Cinema Drama

    NT Live: GOOD

  23. The cast of the "Ultimate Classic Rock Show" take a curtain call on stage

    The Ultimate Classic Rock Show

  24. A child makes a frame with brightly painted hands and peers through

    Infinite Creativity Club