Dementia Friendly Screenings

At The Roses our Dementia Friendly Screenings offer a welcoming and accessible experience to support communities with dementia and carers be able to enjoy a cinematic experience, socialise and feel safe in our venue.

Tickets just £4, carers go half price at just £2.

We welcome everyone to Dementia Friendly Screenings, but the experience is aimed at local dementia communities and their carers.

What can I expect when I turn up?

  • Our box office team able to answer any questions you can in person or over the phone in advance, opening times are Monday to Saturday 10am - 2pm
  • Friendly and patient volunteers and staff who are happy to support you and show you where facilities are and offer you a free tea or coffee and biscuits before the film
  • The Lights in the Auditorium are left on low
  • We don't show any trailers or adverts
  • If you need to move around or stretch your legs please do so
  • If it's a musical number or sing along, you are welcome to sing!
  • We include a 15 min interval during the film

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday 26 June 2pm - The Great Escaper
Wednesday 24 July 2pm - Forrest Gump
Wednesday 28 August 2pm
Wednesday 25 September 2pm
Wednesday 30 October 2pm

With thanks to Gloucestershire County Council's Thriving Communities Fund for their investment in this programme.