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This year in support of Dementia awareness week we are teaming up with Gloucestershire Libraries, The Lab, Mindsong, and Alzheimer's Society to organize a range of events aimed at raising awareness of Dementia and providing assistance to those who may be affected by it.

What is Dementia Action Week?

Dementia Action Week takes place from 15- 21 May and is Alzheimer's Society's biggest and longest running awareness campaign. Each year, they work with individuals and organisations across the UK to encourage people to ‘act on dementia’.

What’s is happening during Dementia Action Week?

We have partnered with Gloucestershire Libraries and Mindsong to hold a series of workshops and Dementia Friendly events during Dementia Action Week.

To download the flyer please click this link: Dementia Action Week2023 share

Dementia Action Week leaflet- The front cover images is a forget me knot flower
Dementia Action Week leaflet- Information about events coming up

Dementia Friendly Screenings
These screenings are ideal for those living with Dementia, Autism or any other condition that affects day to day living, to enjoy a social activity in a welcoming environment. The lights will be left on low and there may be the possibility of people talking or moving around.

How can I attend an event?

Contact each location for the separate events here are a list of contact numbers:

Cinderford Library: 01594 822581

Bishop's Cleeve Library: 01242 672217

The Roses: 01684 295074

Tewkesbury Baptist Church: 01684 293044

Tuffley Library: 01452 522160

How can I get support?

We have taken guidance from the Alzheimer’s Society and created these events with charities and individuals who have a more informed understanding of Dementia and have had appropriate training.

If you are looking for more support we recommend using the links below that take you to the Alzheimer’s Society Support Line and NHS.

Dementia support line | Alzheimer's Society (

Help and support for people with dementia - NHS (