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We’re delighted to announce half price cinema tickets for you and your friends this summer, by signing-up to our brand-new Film Club! From Mon 1 Jul to Mon 30 Sep, come and watch any film with your friends at The Roses and you’ll all get your tickets half price.

Treat friends or your family, and enjoy the thrill of watching a film on the big screen; fully immersed in the story, sound effects and music.

This exciting offer has been launched following research at the beginning of this year, culminating in a focus group. Their feedback highlighted many reasons that their favourite place to watch cinema is The Roses: varied film programme, ease of parking, affordable tickets, comfortable seats and a welcoming atmosphere. We simply need more people to experience The Roses Cinema and the unique experience it has to offer to sustain the history of cinema at The Roses. If this pilot is successful, the offer will be extended.

Sadly, The Roses has had many common industry challenges with cinema over the past few years, evidenced by national cinema chains going into administration in 2023 and, according to the Independent Cinema Office, 45% of UK cinemas operated at a loss in the same year. But the biggest challenge we’ve had at The Roses is our projector being end-of-life and the likelihood that it could expire any day, read more about that here. We must prepare for this eventuality through growing our audience numbers and creating more cinema revenue to invest in new equipment by sharing the magic of cinema with a wider audience.

Jess Brewster, Director of The Roses, says, “I sincerely thank our loyal cinema customers for their continued support and their time to take part in our focus group. It’s allowed us to reassess our cinema strategy and prepare for the future. We know from our focus group that The Roses truly does have something special to offer our customers, we just need more people to experience it. It’s no secret that the cinema industry has had its challenges, with more people streaming films at home and the outdated distribution model means the release dates are often unpredictable, making marketing difficult and the commitment to how many films we need to show to secure a film stretching audience numbers. However, there is no question that watching a film at home is unparalleled to the cinema experience and The Roses has a long cinema history, of which I am dedicated to keep alive for the local community.

Following our projector breaking at the end of 2023, the server has been replaced due to an in-kind donation, but the projector and the replacement server is still end-of-life. To keep cinema going at The Roses, we have to prepare for the inevitable expiry of the projector.

Support your local cinema this summer with half-price tickets for you and a friend. From the latest blockbusters to independent flicks and films to entertain the whole family, there’s something for everyone.

Sign-up to our Film Club here.