About CineMinis

CineMinis are popular film screenings exclusively for parents or carers accompanied by babies under the age of 18 months.

It's an opportunity to socialise with other parents in an environment where you can feed and change your baby without prejudice, and enjoy the latest film releases that you might otherwise miss.

During a CineMinis screening we will leave the lights on low and look after your buggy for you. We also provide changing mats for you.

Booking in advance is not necessary - we understand that planning ahead with a little one can be difficult.

Upcoming CineMinis screenings are:

Wed 6 Sep 11am Barbie (12A)
Wed 13 Sep 11amHaunted Mansion (12A)
Wed 20 Sep 11amBarbie (12A)
Wed 27 Sep 11amMy Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 (12A)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come to a CineMinis screening without a baby?

No, CineMinis are exclusive. Babies can be noisy, so we reserve these screenings only for them and their parents/carers.

Do I need to pre-book?

No - there's ample space for everyone, and we understand that with young children it can be difficult to plan ahead. If you can, we advise arriving a little early so you can grab a coffee and settle in.

Is it legal to bring my baby to a 12A film?

Yes, it is completely legal. We never show films rated 15 or 18 as CineMinis screenings.

Dates & Times