About Mark Harrison & Charles Benfield

Acclaimed national touring artist Mark Harrison brings his unique music to The Roses Theatre

Frequently heard on BBC Radio 2, including its Pick of the Week show, and described by countless audience members and reviewers as ‘uplifting’ and ‘inspirational’, Mark Harrison is a totally original songwriter, a stunning guitarist, and a master storyteller. His highly individual music takes him and his brilliant band to some of the top venues and festivals in the UK, attracting acclaim wherever they go.

Mark’s live shows are well-known not only for the memorable melodic songs but also for his introductions to them, often described as ‘wry’ and ‘dry’. With a very distinctive guitar style, he takes elements of folk and blues to create something new that is very much his own genre. Constantly touring and multi-awards-nominated, he is widely considered one of the top artists in UK roots music.

Mark will be accompanied by the brilliant Charles Benfield on double bass and vocals, who brings a quite unique style to the songs.

Mark’s songs are about all manner of non-standard subjects. With catchy tunes, lyrics than intrigue and engage, and striking rhythms, they make you smile, think and move.

Mark has released six albums which have been unanimously acclaimed across a wide range of areas of the music world, receiving a very great deal of airplay and highly enthusiastic reviews in the UK, Europe and the US.

Website: www.markharrisonrootsmusic.com

'Everybody should be talking about Mark Harrison'

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