About Singing For Wellbeing

A community singing group using songs & singing for enjoyment and health benefits.

Singing for Wellbeing is a monthly singing session that uses songs and singing to feel good in our mind, body, voice and soul. We start each session with relaxation and breathing exercises to calm the mind. We use singing exercises, humming and buzzing to reconnect to our bodies. We start singing acapella (no musical accompaniment) to warm our voices further and connect to each other by singing together. We then up the pace with some accompanied songs - usually a range of pop songs from the 1960’s to the 2020’s. We then relax things again with a slow unaccompanied song to finish. We use lyric sheets and learn the songs by ear. All songs are sung together as a group.

This group is for you if:

  • You’d like a monthly singing session.
  • You’d like a space to both relax and to feel energised through using your voice.
  • You’d like to sing in a group setting.
  • You’d like to sing a wide variety of music in a relaxed setting.
  • You’d like to start singing at a relaxed and gentle pace.

Dates & Times