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National Volunteers Week - 1st – 7th June 2023

From greeting you as you walk through our doors, serving you that morning brew or checking your tickets as you enter the auditorium in anticipation of that big night out you’ve been waiting for – our volunteers are at the heart of supporting our audiences and communities.

You may not know this, but we have a team of over 60 incredible volunteers supporting the venue and external groups, in which we could not operate without. For this, we say an enormous thank you to each volunteer that enables us to keep our venue thriving.

The world shifted in 2020, we lost audiences and volunteers alike. As we re-opened our doors under the constant changing of circumstances, our small team of volunteers at the time supported us in our shared aim of reconnecting audiences. We are so grateful and thank them for their patience and dedication during such a complex period.

Since 1st January 2023, the team have donated a whopping 2,305 hours of their time, in less than five months, which equals over a staggering £23,000! Due to this, we are further enabled to support the venue and fund our community and youth programmes.

This year we relaunched the volunteer scheme with a package consisting of a complimentary Friend Membership worth £50, retail discounts, plus bi-annual social events. This Sunday 4th June, we celebrate National Volunteers Week for the first time by hosting an afternoon tea in aid of The Roses volunteer team.

There are many reasons why people volunteer with us. Whether that’s to connect with like-minded people, create new social circles or to support their local arts venue because they have a passion for creativity – we thank them all. We couldn’t do it without you.

Written by Georgia Shire

Get Creative Coordinator / Volunteer Manager

The Roses Volunteers

Helen Mcilvaney

Maggie Brewer

Dave Brotherton

Shirley Barnett

Ruth Edgings

Nicola Joy

Elaine Paddock

Barrie Nicholas

Neil Blencowe

Jeanette Blencowe

Sophie Franklin

Lynette Woolridge

Sharron Smail

Alan Savage

Liz Taylor

Angela Conway

Sharon Rowles

Cathy Leslie

Alan Goodall

Gill Green

Gail Hutt

Jennie Sheringham

Maggie Shelton

Ruth Elmer

Julie Field

Carrie Seaton

Julie Cash

Yani Webb

Paula Stubbs

Lesley Offer

Rose Marris

Anne Crawford

Mary Utterbridge

Tania LeBourgeois

Fran Valentine

Iris Brown

Brian Farmer

Joy Careless

Hilary Nicholson

Mike Nicholson

Dors Horsfall

Alan West

Pam Lear

Helen Smith

Jennie Maclean

Sandra Northcott

Marian Jones

Pippa Howse

Chris Thomas

Katye Drinkell

Pauline Ashcroft

Lin Parson

Alison Jenkins

Janet Lines

Claire Askin

Win O’Donavon

Dave Coffey

Esme Whistler

Chez Cleaton