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Tuesday 23rd September
Wednesday 24th September

Grand Central

7:30 PM
Thursday 25th September


7:30 PM
Friday 26th September

Najma Akhtar

7:30 PM
Saturday 27th September

Hello Again

7:30 PM
Sunday 28th September


10:00 AM
Monday 29th September

A Promise

7:30 PM
Tuesday 30th September
Wednesday 1st October

Steeleye Span

7:30 PM
Thursday 2nd October

A Promise

11:15 AM
Friday 3rd October


2:30 PM

What If

7:30 PM
Saturday 4th October

Advanced Crochet

10:00 AM
Sunday 5th October


7:30 PM
Monday 6th October
Tuesday 7th October


6:30 PM
Wednesday 8th October

Night Moves

7:30 PM
Thursday 9th October
Friday 10th October


2:00 PM


7:30 PM

Paul Chowdhry

8:00 PM
Saturday 11th October
Sunday 12th October
Monday 13th October
Tuesday 14th October
Wednesday 15th October
Thursday 16th October


7:30 PM
Friday 17th October
Saturday 18th October
Sunday 19th October
Monday 20th October
Tuesday 21st October
Wednesday 22nd October

Swan Lake

7:30 PM
Thursday 23rd October
Friday 24th October
Saturday 25th October
Sunday 26th October

Think Floyd

7:30 PM
Monday 27th October


2:30 PM


7:30 PM
Tuesday 28th October


8:30 PM


11:15 AM


2:30 PM
Wednesday 29th October

The Story Giant

2:30 PM


7:30 PM
Thursday 30th October

Play In Two Days

10:00 AM
Friday 31st October


7:30 PM
Saturday 1st November


10:00 AM
Sunday 2nd November
Monday 3rd November
Tuesday 4th November
Wednesday 5th November
Thursday 6th November
Friday 7th November
Saturday 8th November
Sunday 9th November

Chris Ramsay

8:00 PM
Monday 10th November
Tuesday 11th November
Wednesday 12th November
Thursday 13th November
Friday 14th November
Saturday 15th November

Laura Snowden

11:00 AM


10:00 AM
Sunday 16th November
Monday 17th November
Tuesday 18th November

Sarah McQuaid

8:30 PM
Wednesday 19th November
Thursday 20th November
Friday 21st November
Saturday 22nd November
Sunday 23rd November
Monday 24th November
Tuesday 25th November
Wednesday 26th November
Thursday 27th November
Friday 28th November
Saturday 29th November

Wreath Making

10:00 AM

Wreath Making

2:00 PM
Sunday 30th November
Monday 1st December
Tuesday 2nd December
Wednesday 3rd December

Lee Nelson

8:00 PM
Thursday 4th December
Friday 5th December
Saturday 6th December


10:00 AM
Sunday 7th December
Monday 8th December
Tuesday 9th December


8:00 PM
Wednesday 10th December
Thursday 11th December
Friday 12th December
Saturday 13th December
Sunday 14th December
Monday 15th December

The Rat Pack

8:00 PM
Tuesday 16th December
Wednesday 17th December
Thursday 18th December
Friday 19th December
Saturday 20th December
Sunday 21st December
Monday 22nd December
Tuesday 23rd December
Wednesday 24th December
Thursday 25th December
Friday 26th December
Saturday 27th December
Sunday 28th December
Monday 29th December
Tuesday 30th December
Wednesday 31st December
Thursday 1st January
Friday 2nd January
Saturday 3rd January
Sunday 4th January
Monday 5th January
Tuesday 6th January
Wednesday 7th January
Thursday 8th January
Friday 9th January
Saturday 10th January
Sunday 11th January
Monday 12th January
Tuesday 13th January
Wednesday 14th January
Thursday 15th January
Friday 16th January
Saturday 17th January
Sunday 18th January
Monday 19th January
Tuesday 20th January
Wednesday 21st January
Thursday 22nd January
Friday 23rd January

Vampires Rock

7:30 PM
Saturday 24th January
Sunday 25th January
Monday 26th January
Tuesday 27th January
Wednesday 28th January
Thursday 29th January
Friday 30th January
Saturday 31st January
Sunday 1st February
Monday 2nd February
Tuesday 3rd February
Wednesday 4th February
Thursday 5th February
Friday 6th February
Saturday 7th February
Sunday 8th February
Monday 9th February
Tuesday 10th February
Wednesday 11th February
Thursday 12th February
Friday 13th February
Saturday 14th February
Sunday 15th February
Monday 16th February
Tuesday 17th February
Wednesday 18th February
Thursday 19th February
Friday 20th February
Saturday 21st February
Sunday 22nd February
Monday 23rd February
Tuesday 24th February
Wednesday 25th February
Thursday 26th February
Friday 27th February
Saturday 28th February
Sunday 1st March
Monday 2nd March
Tuesday 3rd March
Wednesday 4th March
Thursday 5th March
Friday 6th March
Saturday 7th March
Sunday 8th March
Monday 9th March
Tuesday 10th March
Wednesday 11th March
Thursday 12th March
Friday 13th March
Saturday 14th March
Sunday 15th March
Monday 16th March
Tuesday 17th March
Wednesday 18th March
Thursday 19th March
Friday 20th March

The Fureys

7:30 PM
Saturday 21st March
Sunday 22nd March
Monday 23rd March
Tuesday 24th March
Wednesday 25th March
Thursday 26th March
Friday 27th March
Saturday 28th March
Sunday 29th March
Monday 30th March
Tuesday 31st March
Wednesday 1st April
Thursday 2nd April
Friday 3rd April
Saturday 4th April
Sunday 5th April
Monday 6th April
Tuesday 7th April
Wednesday 8th April
Thursday 9th April
Friday 10th April
Saturday 11th April
Sunday 12th April
Monday 13th April
Tuesday 14th April
Wednesday 15th April
Thursday 16th April
Friday 17th April
Saturday 18th April
Sunday 19th April
Monday 20th April
Tuesday 21st April
Wednesday 22nd April
Thursday 23rd April
Friday 24th April
Saturday 25th April
Sunday 26th April
Monday 27th April
Tuesday 28th April
Wednesday 29th April
Thursday 30th April
Friday 1st May
Saturday 2nd May
Sunday 3rd May
Monday 4th May
Tuesday 5th May
Wednesday 6th May
Thursday 7th May
Friday 8th May
Saturday 9th May
Sunday 10th May
Monday 11th May
Tuesday 12th May
Wednesday 13th May
Thursday 14th May
Friday 15th May
Saturday 16th May
Sunday 17th May
Monday 18th May
Tuesday 19th May
Wednesday 20th May
Thursday 21st May
Friday 22nd May
Saturday 23rd May
Sunday 24th May
Monday 25th May
Tuesday 26th May
Wednesday 27th May
Thursday 28th May
Friday 29th May
Saturday 30th May
Sunday 31st May
Monday 1st June
Tuesday 2nd June
Wednesday 3rd June
Thursday 4th June
Friday 5th June
Saturday 6th June
Sunday 7th June
Monday 8th June
Tuesday 9th June
Wednesday 10th June
Thursday 11th June
Friday 12th June
Saturday 13th June
Sunday 14th June
Monday 15th June
Tuesday 16th June
Wednesday 17th June
Thursday 18th June
Friday 19th June
Saturday 20th June
Sunday 21st June
Monday 22nd June
Tuesday 23rd June
Wednesday 24th June
Thursday 25th June
Friday 26th June
Saturday 27th June
Sunday 28th June
Monday 29th June
Tuesday 30th June
Wednesday 1st July
Thursday 2nd July
Friday 3rd July
Saturday 4th July
Sunday 5th July
Monday 6th July
Tuesday 7th July
Wednesday 8th July
Thursday 9th July
Friday 10th July
Saturday 11th July
Sunday 12th July
Monday 13th July
Tuesday 14th July
Wednesday 15th July
Thursday 16th July
Friday 17th July
Saturday 18th July
Sunday 19th July
Monday 20th July
Tuesday 21st July
Wednesday 22nd July
Thursday 23rd July
Friday 24th July
Saturday 25th July
Sunday 26th July
Monday 27th July
Tuesday 28th July
Wednesday 29th July
Thursday 30th July
Friday 31st July
Saturday 1st August
Sunday 2nd August
Monday 3rd August
Tuesday 4th August
Wednesday 5th August
Thursday 6th August
Friday 7th August
Saturday 8th August
Sunday 9th August
Monday 10th August
Tuesday 11th August
Wednesday 12th August
Thursday 13th August
Friday 14th August
Saturday 15th August
Sunday 16th August
Monday 17th August
Tuesday 18th August
Wednesday 19th August
Thursday 20th August
Friday 21st August
Saturday 22nd August
Sunday 23rd August
Monday 24th August
Tuesday 25th August
Wednesday 26th August
Thursday 27th August
Friday 28th August
Saturday 29th August
Sunday 30th August
Monday 31st August
Tuesday 1st September
Wednesday 2nd September
Thursday 3rd September
Friday 4th September
Saturday 5th September
Sunday 6th September
Monday 7th September
Tuesday 8th September
Wednesday 9th September
Thursday 10th September
Friday 11th September
Saturday 12th September
Sunday 13th September
Monday 14th September
Tuesday 15th September
Wednesday 16th September
Thursday 17th September
Friday 18th September
Saturday 19th September
Sunday 20th September
Monday 21st September
Tuesday 22nd September
Wednesday 23rd September