List of Events

  1. Music

    Twist & Shout

  2. Drama Community Musical

    Acting Up!: Glitz

  3. Music Community

    The Roses Choir Summer Concert

  4. Dance Tewkesbury Live

    Jazz Workshop

  5. Dance Tewkesbury Live

    Street Dance Workshop

  6. Music Community Tewkesbury Live

    Ukulele Workshop

  7. Music Popular Music Rock Music Tewkesbury Live

    Battle of The Bands

  8. Music Community Tewkesbury Live

    Open Mic Night

  9. Family

    Dinosaur Adventure Live - Trouble On Volcano Island

  10. Music

    80s Live

  11. Musical

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  12. Roses Young Creatives Summer School

  13. Drama Family

    Fireman Sam - The Great Camping Adventure

  14. Cinema Event Cinema Music

    Andre Rieu's 2024 Maastricht Concert: Power of Love

  15. Music Folk Music

    Sarah McQuaid

  16. Music

    Lionel - The Music of Lionel Richie

  17. Music

    Worbey & Farrell

  18. Music

    Jenny Ryan: Out of the Box

  19. The cast of the show "Totally tina" are dancing on stage under bright lights

    Totally Tina!

  20. Music

    Very Santana

  21. Music Folk Music

    Cara Dillon - Coming Home

  22. Music Folk Music

    Hannah Scott

  23. Drama

    Shock Horror

  24. Music

    Talon: To The Limit 2024