List of Events

  1. Music Popular Music

    Frankie's Guys

  2. Cinema Event Cinema

    The Royal Opera: Carmen

  3. Cinema Comedy

    Seize Them!

  4. Cinema

    The Teachers' Lounge

  5. Music Folk Music

    Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage

  6. Michael Sheen staring into the distance wearing his pyjamas
    Cinema Event Cinema Drama

    NT Live: Nye

  7. Music Talk

    Paul Young - Behind The Lens

  8. Family

    Morgan & West's Massive Magic Show!

  9. Cinema

    Civil War

  10. Cinema

    That They May Face the Rising Sun

  11. Cinema Comedy

    The Trouble With Jessica

  12. Community

    Quiz Night

  13. Cinema

    Back to Black

  14. Cinema

    Mary Poppins

  15. Cinema

    Sometimes I Think About Dying

  16. Cinema

    Book of Clarence

  17. Music Comedy

    The Lorna & Laister Show

  18. Cinema

    Swede Caroline

  19. Cinema


  20. Music Popular Music

    Totally Blondie

  21. Cinema

    Ordinary Angels

  22. Community

    Roses Open Mic

  23. Cinema Event Cinema Dance Drama

    The Royal Ballet: The Winter's Tale

  24. Dance

    UoG Dance: Showcase 2024