List of Events

  1. Cinema Studio

    Your Fat Friend

  2. Cinema Studio

    Driving Mum

  3. Music

    Some Guys Have All The Luck

  4. Cinema

    Zone of Interest

  5. Community Entertainment

    Quiz Night

  6. A group of older people singing

    Singing For Health & Wellbeing

  7. A vintage film projector against a dark background

    Best Picture Oscar Winner

  8. Cinema Studio

    Four Daughters

  9. A portrait of Count Arthur Strong
    Comedy Entertainment

    Count Arthur Strong

  10. Three performers singing into one microphone. One performer is playing the guitar

    Jive Talkin'

  11. Music Entertainment

    90s Live!

  12. Cinema

    American Fiction

  13. Community Entertainment

    One Size Fits All: Open Mic Night

  14. Cinema

    The Taste Of Things

  15. two men with there hands up to there faces in thought
    Event Cinema

    NT Live: The Motive and the Cue

  16. Music

    UK Pink Floyd Experience

  17. Cinema Family


  18. Family Talk

    Watch This Space

  19. Music

    Seven Drunken Nights

  20. Family Pantomime

    Robin Hood

  21. Cinema

    Bob Marley: One Love

  22. Cinema Family

    The Jungle Bunch World Tour

  23. Event Cinema Opera Drama

    The Royal Opera: Madama Butterfly

  24. Cinema

    Madame Web